Heat Pumps

Heat pumps absorb heat from a space and then release that heat into another area called a heat sink. The heat pump uses a small amount of external power to transfer a greater amount of heat to or from your heating and cooling sytem.

Air conditioners and freezers are common examples of heat pumps, but heat pumps are also found as core components of a heating, ventilating and air conditioning system. When a heat pump is used for heating, it works in the exact same fashion as a refrigerator or freezer, only in the opposite direction. In this way, heat pumps generally draw the remaining heat from cool air outside or from the warm ground and pump that heat into your home or business.

A major benefit of a heat pump is that it has been shown to be three to four times more efficient at heating than a standard electric heater using the same amount of electricity, though their installation costs are much greater. This is truly a case where investing up front can produce a great amount of savings over time.

Is your heat pump broken or are you looking for an affordable and more efficient heating system?

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