Heat Pump Installation

Heat pump installation has been a popular choice for homeowners since the 1970s. In the early days, heat pumps were not very efficient, but high fuel prices made heat pump installation a cost effective option.

Fast forward to today... heat pumps are highly efficient and heat pump installation costs have dropped dramatically. Because heat pumps can both heat and cool a home, many homeowners favor these heat pump units over gas furnaces or oil heat.

But, just like any other appliance, a heat pump has a limited life cycle and a homeowner needs to be able to assess when it is time to repair the unit or undertake a new heat pump installation.

A heat pump is a lot like an air conditioner. The two units operate in essentially the same way, except that an air conditioner only cools. A properly installed heat pump will move air in both directions, allowing the heat pump to both heat and cool your home or business.

A heat pump basically works like an air conditioner in reverse. When you stand on the back side of an air conditioner you might notice that it is expelling warm air into the outside environment. A heat pump simply reverses this process, cooling the outside environment and expelling the warm air into the building you are seeking to heat.

A typical heat pump has between a 10 and 15 year lifespan. It's often possible to get more than 15 years from a heat pump, but once you hit the 10 year mark it could be time to consider a new heat pump installation. Technology has changed dramatically in the past decade and new advances make installing a new heat pump worthwhile and it will probably create significant savings to your energy bill.

In addition to the age of your heat pump, you should assess how well your heat pump is performing. If you find that your heat pump requires frequent repairs, or if your heating and cooling bills are higher than normal, it is worth considering whether a new heat pump installation is the right thing for your home or business.

The cost of a new heat pump installation can vary, depending on the size of the heat pump that is required to heat or cool your building.

If you think your heat pump is on the fritz, the best place to start is to have it serviced by a heat pump expert like the technicians at Advanced Mechanical. Our heat pump technicians can give you an assessment of the life left in your current heat pump and can talk to you about the pros and cons of a new heat pump installation.

Remember, heat pumps require proper installation and regular maintenance to work properly. A poor heat pump installation could cost you more than keeping your old unit, and you'll want a heat pump expert that can also offer a service contract for regular inspections and repairs.

Contact Advanced Mechanical today for a free consultation about whether a new heat pump installation is right for your home or business.

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