Exhaust/Make-up Air Systems

Exhaust and Make-up air systems provide a low-cost option to an integrated heat, ventilation and air conditioning system. Exhaust ventilation systems remove air from a particular room and location, which causes an area of depressurization. As a result, make-up air moves into the space from open doors or windows, leaks in the building shell or other uncontrolled sources.

Exhaust and make-up air systems are frequently used in restaurant ventilation systems where heat removal is an essential need. In these situations, expert placement is very important because if the unit is placed too close to an exhaust event it may pump exhaust back into the kitchen.

Moreover, your exhaust and make-up air system must be appropriately sized so that your kitchen or other space is properly filtered and exhausted. Commercial exhaust fans vent air from the kitchen to the outside and can be mounted on either a roof or a wall depending on your building's requirements.

To improve efficiency, a make-up damper is added to the central system when the exhaust ventilation is deployed. This make-up system provides replacement air as needed from a controlled source into the return air system where the temperature can be adjusted and distributed throughout your home or business. This make-up air damper works on a pressure activated system that opens when the central fan is turned on or the building is depressurized.

Advanced Mechanical Inc. can provide a complete review of your home or facility and help make the decision that is right for you.

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