Air Handlers

Air handlers, often called air handling units, are used to assist in circulating the air in a heating, ventilating and air conditioning system.

Air handlers are normally comprised of a large metal box that contains a blower, heating or cooling elements, sound dampers and other components.

Smaller air handlers are called terminal units and may only contain an air filter and blower unit. Larger air handlers are known as makeup air units because they only regulate outside air and do not handle any recirculated air. Air handlers are typically constructed around a galvanized metal framing system, and outdoor units contain some for weatherproof lid and additional weather sealing.

Air handlers that are designed for outdoor use are typically located on rooftops and are referred to as package or rooftop units. Most air handlers contain a mixing chamber that allows air to be introduced from the outside of the building and simultaneously exhaust air from the building in order to control temperature and maintain good and safe air quality.

A common problem with air handlers is that unbalanced fans begin to wobble and vibrate. For home air conditioning fans this can become a major problem – not only can the moving fan and blower become excessively noisy, it can also lead to greatly reduced air circulation and compromised efficiency. One solution to an unbalanced system is to strategically place weights on the fan base to correct the balancing problem and ensure a smooth spin.

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