In-Floor Heating Service

In-Floor Heating is one of the most efficient and quiet ways to keep rooms at your desired temperature.  It utilizes electric wires or hot-water tubes underneath the floor, and as the heat waves rise from the electric wires or hot-water tubes, heat will warm the surface it reaches, keeping you and everyone in your household nice and toasty.  There’s no draft, and it will keep your floor and the objects it touches radiating heat. And although the temperature in the air will stay the same, the objects around you will be warm, and won’t take any of your body heat. If you’re interested in in-floor heating, there’s no better company to look to than Advanced Mechanical. 

In-Floor Heating

There are two types of in-floor heating: hydronic, and electric.  Electric in-floor heating uses electric resistance cables buried underneath the floor, while hydronic in-floor heating uses hot-water from the boiler, and sends it through tubes underneath the floor throughout your entire home.  Our team here at Advanced Mechanical is licensed, bonded, and insured- ready and willing to provide any type of in-floor heating service to you. As our expert team looks to install your in-floor heating, you’ll be met with open communication, great upfront pricing, and fast, high quality service.  If you’re looking to have in-floor heating installed in your home, call Advanced Mechanical today, and we’ll be more than happy to service you.

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