5 Reasons for Hiring a Furnace Repair Company


As winter swiftly approaches, many North Dakota residents are thinking back to the end of 2022. We rang in the New Year with a cold snap that disrupted plans and put a toll on furnaces-and still didn’t beat the state’s record low temperatures

If your furnace seemed to be working fine last year, it should be up to par this year too, right? Not necessarily.

If you haven’t had your furnace serviced since last year, now is the time to start thinking about hiring a professional furnace repair service. 

Read on to learn the five biggest reasons why you should work with a furnace repair service before your furnace stops working.

1. Some Furnace Issues Go Unnoticed

We’ve talked about some of the signs that your AC needs repairs and many of them apply to your furnace as well. Things like strange sounds and musty odors tend to indicate that at least one part is loose or broken or that your vents need cleaning. If you often check the pilot light on your furnace, you may notice that the light has turned yellow or become discolored, indicating that something requires fixing. 

However, furnaces are complex pieces of equipment. You may not notice right away that something is wrong, especially if you don’t know what to look for. For example, there could be rust buildup in the flue, water leaks in an area of your home you don’t frequent, or even animal activity inside your vents.

A professional can inspect your furnace before you need to start using it daily and spot potential issues before they get out of hand. This will ensure that your furnace is reliable throughout the winter months and save you money on costly emergency repairs.

2. A Broken Furnace Raises Bills

The reality is that furnaces aren’t inexpensive to use, especially when you have an older model that doesn’t offer high-efficiency fuel use. Average costs range from $400-$700 for gas furnaces and $1600-$2200 for electric furnaces. When efficiency drops further, you could find yourself paying hundreds of dollars more per year to keep your home warm.

Any source of damage, from the motor to the thermostat, can cause your furnace to run less efficiently. A broken motor will have to work harder and burn more fuel to maintain your set temperature. A broken thermostat may cause the furnace to run longer than necessary or cause it to turn on and off more often than it should. 

Some homeowners hold off on hiring a furnace repair company in the hope of saving money. However, if you’re relying on a broken furnace, you’re going to pay more in the long run. Not only will you see your bills go up but you may end up having to replace your furnace sooner than expected. 

3. DIY Repairs Present Safety Hazards

In this day and age, it seems like you can find DIY guides to any sort of home repair. Why not look up furnace fixes online and try to do them on your own?

The biggest reason is that DIY furnace repairs can present safety hazards. Furnaces consist of several different crucial parts and without the proper expertise, you may end up doing more damage, which can lead to electrical fires or carbon monoxide emissions. Unless you are trained and licensed to service a furnace, you’re always better off leaving it to a professional.

Plus, DIY methods aren’t likely to save you money even if you do complete them the right way. Furnace repairs require specialized tools and equipment and there’s no sense in investing in them if you will only need to use them once or twice per year.

4. A Dirty Furnace Creates Dirty Air

One of the most important and overlooked components of your furnace is the filter. The purpose of the filter is to ensure that the air being pumped into your home doesn’t contain pollutants like pollen, pet dander, dust, and mildew. If you’re not cleaning that filter regularly, all of these pollutants will start to build up.

Too much buildup in the filter can lead to buildup in the vents. Not only does this lead to inefficient heating but it also increases the chances that those pollutants are ending up in your air, after all. This can lead to an increase in respiratory symptoms like coughing, congestion, and even difficulty breathing.

When a professional comes in to repair your furnace, they’ll spot and address issues like dirty vents and filters. Together, you can stay on top of routine furnace maintenance to preserve your indoor air quality.

5. You Need a Go-To Furnace Repair Service

Ultimately, you should invest in preventative furnace maintenance about once per year. You may also encounter emergency issues that require immediate attention. On top of that, you also have your AC to take care of in the warmer months, which requires a similar level of investment and care.

Finding the right repair company can make a world of difference. When you have professionals you can trust, it becomes much easier and less frustrating when the time comes to make an appointment. You know that the service is great, the prices fit your budget, and you can count on them for emergencies.

Don’t wait until you’re facing an emergency to find the right furnace repair service. When you’re scheduling something like an inspection or tune-up, you can take the time to do your research. If you’re in the Bismarck area, we hope that research leads you to Advanced Mechanical, Inc.

Need Bismarck Furnace Repair?

If you haven’t had a furnace tune-up in a few years, it’s time to start looking for the right professionals for the job. Furnace repair can save you money, keep you warm through the winter, and preserve your indoor air quality.

Advanced Mechanical, Inc., is dedicated to all your AC and furnace needs, from 24-hour emergency services to preventative maintenance programs. In fact, we’ve won numerous awards thanks to our top-notch services. Contact us about furnace repairs today and we’ll schedule your next appointment. 

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