Humidifier Replacement

Knowing when you need a humidifier replacement can seem a bit confusing since you don't feel relative humidity as easily as you do a room temperature that is too hot or cold.

When working properly, humidifiers add moisture to the air which can prevent dry and irritated skin including the nose, throat and other body parts. Humidifiers provide numerous benefits including preventing airborne viruses, snoring, and static electricity. They also help living areas feel warmer, reduce heating costs, relieve allergies, and can even improve the health of your house plants!

Ensuring that your humidifier has a long and healthy life and that you don't require a humidifier replacement often depends on the environment where you live, the type of humidifier you have, and whether your home has a large amount of animal dander.

In most cases, your entire humidifier will not need replacement. Instead, simply replacing the humidifier filter will restore your humidifier to optimal efficiency. The most commonly used wick-type humidifier replacements generally need to be changed every one to three months according to the manufacturer's general recommendations.

It's a good idea to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and replace the filters regularly, as the filters trap dust and other air particles and prevent them from entering the air in your living space. However, over time, these contaminants begin to clog the filter and hamper proper operation of your humidifier.

When the humidifier filters become clogged, it causes the humidifier to work harder and become less efficient. As a result, your humidifier will use more energy or could even break down due to the stress caused by the clogged humidifier filter. Regular replacement of your humidifier filter will help you prevent a total humidifier replacement.

If you have a large amount of smoke, animal dander, or dust in your home it can dramatically decrease the life of your humidifier filter, possibly creating the need for a total humidifier replacement. Good dust maintenance and regular vacuuming of the room closest to the humidifier can help to extend the life of both the filter and humidifier.

Additionally, the water quality in your home can also affect the operation of your humidifier. Hard water mineral deposits can clog a humidifier filter prematurely and could even cause the need for a total humidifier replacement.

Unfortunately, this problem is not easily solved without installing a water filtration and softener system in your home. The only economically feasible alternative is to frequently change the humidifier filter.

Of course, routine maintenance of your humidifier and filters can help you prevent total humidifier replacement. Good dust control is key as is cleaning or replacement of the humidifier's filters on a regular basis. These steps will help you keep your humidifier operating at its maximum efficiency and prevent the need for a humidifier replacement.

Do you have questions about whether your humidifier needs replacement? Contact Advanced Mechanical and we can help you assess your situation and quickly solve your humidifier replacement problem.

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