Humidifier Repair

Just like any home appliance, humidifiers can break over time making humidifier repair a necessary part of home ownership.

Humidifiers are controlled by a humidistat that maintains humidity levels in a certain range by turning the humidifier on and off. As a result, if your humidifier is not maintaining the proper humidity levels in your home, the first thing to check is your humidistat, which may need to be adjusted or repaired.

Sometimes, a humidifier repair is not necessary at all because the humidistat simply needs to be adjusted based on temperature changes to allow the humidifier to maintain a constant humidity level. A word of caution is in order here, as an improperly adjusted humidifier can have an adverse affect on your heating system. Humid air feels colder in cool temperatures. If your home feels cold in the winter, it's possible that the humidistat was improperly calibrated or may need to be repaired.

The cost of a humidifier repair will vary depending on the type of humidifier installed in your home or business.
Tabletop humidifier repairs are less expensive than other types of humidifiers since they can be physically removed and taken to your contractor's shop. In some cases, it may be even less expensive to remove and replace a tabletop humidifier than to carry out a complete humidifier repair.

Leaks in mounted humidifiers can lead to a more complex humidifier repair. These humidifiers rely on a water supply that is used to either fill a reservoir tank or to allow water to flow over a filter while the furnace blower is running.

The most common issue that causes the need for a mounted humidifier repair occurs when the float mechanism in the reservoir tank sticks, causing the water to run constantly and overfill the reservoir. In this case, you may need a humidifier repair professional to replace the entire float mechanism on your humidifier. While it's likely possible to clean the mechanism or replace certain parts, this often only leads to a temporary humidifier repair. The cost of a new float mechanism is nothing compared to the resulting water damage and additional humidifier repair costs that might be avoided simply by replacing the broken float with a new mechanism.

If your humidifier is not operating at all, it's possible that your unit has lost power or that one of the electrical components has failed, requiring a humidifier repair. Often, the cause of a non-functioning humidifier is a faulty valve, motor or step down transformer. In this case, you should contact a qualified heating and cooling professional to help you diagnose the problem and provide you with an efficient humidifier repair.

Do you have questions about humidifier repair? Contact Advanced Mechanical today and we can help you answer questions and assist you with your humidifier repair needs.

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