Humidifier Product Options

When it comes to humidifier product options, you have a lot of choices. Here at Advanced Mechanical, we can help you understand all of your humidifier product options and make the right decision for your home or business.

As outdoor temperatures fall, furnaces begin to run and in turn remove a great amount of moisture from the air in your home. Replacing that moisture using a variety of cool or warm mist humidifier product options can help address health issues like chapped skin, allergies, and cold and flu related symptoms.

But too much humidity can be a bad thing, causing mold, bacteria, or dust mites. You need to choose the right humidifier product options that will achieve the balance that is appropriate for your home.

Whole-House Humidifiers are generally attached between the home’s hot air ducts and cold air return. Depending on the humidifier product option, it can operate with or independently from your home's central heating cycle.

In terms of product options, the primary types of whole house humidifiers are Bypass, Fan-powered, and Steam.
The bypass humidifier product option works by adding moisture to the warm air from the furnace. These humidifiers draw warm air from the home's heating ducts and pass it through a water panel. The air absorbs the water and delivers it back into the home. These bypass humidifier product options can be installed on either the supply or return side of a forced air heating system. Some of these humidifier product options feature a drainless system that recirculates its own water, thereby minimizing water usage.

The second type of humidifier product option is a fan-powered humidifier. These humidifiers work in generally the same way as a bypass humidifier, except that they contain a fan that blows air across the water panel. The result is increased evaporation. These fan-powered product options can often produce an additional gallon of humidity per day than the more traditional bypass humidifier product options while only requiring the same amount of electricity used to power a 25 watt light bulb. Moreover, these fan-powered product options don't require a bypass duct so they can be installed in smaller spaces such as homes built on slabs or with HVAC systems that are tucked into closets.

The final whole-house humidifier product option is a steam humidifier. This option adds humidity to the air by heating water with electricity until it boils, creating humidity in the form of steam. The steam is pushed through the ducts and into the home through the use of an independent blower, allowing the option for the steam humidifier product to operate even when the furnace is not on. As a result, these steam humidifier product options offer the fastest and most efficient method of adding humidity to your entire home.

Do you have questions about the humidifier product options that are available to you? Contact Advanced Mechanical and we can tell you about a full range of humidifier product options and help you choose the product option that is best suited to humidify your home or business!

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