Furnace Replacement

Furnace replacement can be a scary and sometimes costly endeavor. But, replacing your furnace can also mean a long-term investment in your home or business that yields ongoing savings for years to come.

At Advanced Mechanical, we are experts in furnace replacement and can help you with all of your decisions from selecting the best furnace for your needs to proper furnace installation of your new appliance.

Here are some things you need to know as you go about the decisions regarding furnace replacement.

  • When is the Right time? If your current furnace is frequently breaking down or you are finding yourself with costly furnace repairs, it's probably time to consider furnace replacement. The good news is that replacing your old furnace will most certainly be more efficient, will keep you more comfortable, and will mean cheaper heating bills.

  • Fix versus replace? Unless your furnace is completely repairable, there's no black and white answer to whether you should fix your old one or undergo a complete furnace replacement. One rule of thumb is that if the furnace repair would cost 1/3 the cost of a new furnace, then furnace replacement should be considered. Another rule of thumb is that when a repair is required when the furnace is more than ¾ through it's 15-20 life expectancy, then furnace replacement is often a good option.

  • Efficiency Economics. Standard furnaces are about 80% efficient, with higher end furnaces achieving 90 or even 95% efficiency ratings or even higher. The highest efficiency heaters are much more expensive, so you'll need to do the math and determine whether the energy savings you'll achieve will pay off during the life of your furnace. Sometimes it just doesn't make economical sense to replace your furnace with a highly-efficient model.

  • Check your Ductwork. Your furnace is only part of your heating system and undertaking an expensive furnace replacement doesn't make sense if the ducts in your home are leaking and not delivering warm air to where it belongs. Talk to a furnace replacement expert about whether your ducts need to be replaced, repaired, or whether a custom ductwork modification might be appropriate for your home.

  • Evaluate your Heating Needs. Before deciding on a furnace replacement, it's a good idea to evaluate your heating needs to determine which kind and size of furnace is best for your home or business. Conducting a home energy audit will provide a lot of information. For example, you might discover that adding insulation to your home could be very cost effective and yield a more comfortable living or working environment.

Do you need help deciding whether a furnace replacement is right for you? Call Advanced Mechanical and we can help you with all of your furnace replacement needs.

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