Humidifier Installation

Humidifier installation is relatively inexpensive and can dramatically improve the air quality and comfort of your home or business. Installing a whole-house humidifier is certainly a better and more efficient alternative to using air moisturizers or boiling pots of water on your stove top!

Humidifier installation includes a tremendous amount of benefits for your home or business, including:

  • Improved health and comfort
  • Inexpensive
  • A significant reduction in the amount of airborne dust in your home
  • The elimination of static electricity
  • Energy bill savings (it's much harder to heat dry air)
  • Reduction in the spread of viruses that prefer drier environments
  • Reduction in snoring
  • The appearance of wood floors and cabinets is preserved for a longer period
  • Prevents dry and itch skin and chapped lips
  • Healthier house plants
  • Improved home value.

Most homes in the United States could benefit from whole-house humidification. As a result, the biggest mistake homeowners make when it comes to humidifier installation is to not install the humidifier in the first place, especially considering that the benefits of humidifier installation far outweigh the relatively low costs involved. However, the most important factor with humidifier installation is to ensure that they are sized, selected, and installed correctly.

Choosing the correct size is the first step in a proper humidifier installation. Undersized humidifiers will lead to little or no benefit. Humidifiers need to be sized in a similar manner as a furnace so that the proper level of humidity can be maintained throughout the home. A humidifier is one component of your heating and cooling that can be over-sized, since it consumes little energy in its operation. And humidifiers are often installed separately from the furnace system so that it can be operated as needed.

After determining the correct size, selecting the appropriate unit is the next step in a humidifier installation. There are multiple types of humidifiers that can be used in different ways. Some humidifiers will not function well if they are installed in a home with hard water. Heat pumps generally require a different type of humidifier installation to operate efficiently due to the low temperatures of the heat pump.

Finally, proper humidifier installation is critical to your humidifier's success. Humidifiers can generally be installed on either the return or supply side and on almost any duct in your home. And every humidifier, just as in furnace installations, will require some degree of maintenance. So it's important to install your humidifier in a space that is easily accessed. A maintenance schedule that is appropriate for your humidifier installation will depend on water quality and the type of humidifier installed.

Do you have questions about humidifier installation in your home or business? Contact Advanced Mechanical today. We are happy to help you answer your questions and help you schedule a humidifier installation for your home!

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