5 Signs You Need Boiler Repair Services

plumber who carries out the maintenance of a condensing boiler

In the United States, around nine million homes have a boiler. Does yours? 

While you never want to have to call for a boiler repair, your HVAC system is bound to break down at some point. Routine maintenance is a great way to reduce the risk of something happening, but it’s not a guarantee.

Over time, your unit will experience normal wear and tear and will likely need a repair every once in a while. If you aren’t a trained professional, it can be hard to know the signs of a malfunctioning system. 

We’ve listed out six signs that will let you know if a boiler furnace repair is required. Continue reading so you can keep your home and business up and running. 

1. Strange Smells 

If a strange smell starts to fill your home or business, it’s vital that you turn the boiler off immediately. It could put you, your family, or your employees in danger if you don’t.

While it’s not likely, fires can spark because of a faulty boiler. If the system starts to overheat, it will likely smell like burned metal or plastic. The smell of rotten eggs is also commonly reported by people when there’s a gas leak.

2. Lack of Hot Water

One of the most obvious signs that you need to call for a boiler repair is if you can’t get hot water. While there’s a definite problem, it can be difficult to know exactly which part is broken to the untrained eye. 

There could be an issue with the boiler’s thermostat, airlock, valve, or diaphragm. You don’t want to go too long without hot water, especially in your home.

It could take some time for the part to be ordered and shipped if it’s not in stock, so be sure to call immediately. 

How long does it typically take your home or office to warm up? Just like hot water, if your building isn’t warming up even after you’ve turned the heat on, there’s a problem. It’s likely an issue with the broiler.

During the summer months when you aren’t running the heat, this sign may not be prevalent. Always be on the lookout for other signs that may tell you that a heating boiler repair is in your future. 

3. Water Leaks 

Water leaks are not something you want to mess around with. As soon as you notice a watermark or leak, you should call a professional. It’s easy for water leaks to get out of hand and they can do a lot of damage in a short about of time. 

While water leaks could indicate a few different issues, it’s best to contact a boiler repair company. They will be able to advise you on the next steps and help you get the issue fixed. 

4. High Energy Bill

It’s best to catch any boiler problems as soon as they happen. This isn’t always possible, as the issue doesn’t cause a negative effect right away. 

However, one way to determine if you’re in need of a boiler repair is to keep a close eye on your energy bill. If you check it regularly, you’ll notice immediately if the cost increases. 

In the colder months, the boiler will have to work hard so you’ll likely see a slight change. If you notice an unexpected spike, then there’s a problem. 

Old boilers, ten or more years old, won’t run as efficiently as new ones. If it’s been a while since you invested in a boiler, it may be time to get one. There are times when the equipment is too far gone to repair. 

If your unit is fairly new, it should be running efficiently. High energy bills are a good sign that it’s not functioning properly and needs repair or some maintenance. 

5. Unusual Noise

Boilers are not silent, they make noise when they power on and off, but most people don’t notice it. However, you will notice if the equipment starts to make a noise that isn’t normal or is unfamiliar to you.

It will likely disrupt your daily life at home or in the office. Even if it doesn’t bother you, don’t ignore it. It’s better and less expensive to repair a broiler than to replace it. 

Waiting to call an expert when there’s an unusual noise is not a good decision. A strange noise will be an indicator of an issue. 

For example, the mineral build-up can cause a whistling noise, which sounds like a kettle. A rattling or clunking noise may mean a part is loose, and it’s important to have an expert take a look at it. 

6. High Carbon Monoxide Levels

Your home and business should have a carbon monoxide detector, so be sure it’s also in working condition. If it starts to detect high levels of carbon monoxide, your boiler probably needs a repair or replacement part.

It’s an odorless and colorless gas, and without the detector, it could go unnoticed for a while. It’s very toxic, so turn off your broiler and make a call to a pro. 

Boiler Repair From the Professionals 

Homeownership and running a business are not always easy tasks. There are a lot of responsibilities, and it can be frustrating when a component of your HVAC system breaks down. 

However, you don’t have to worry! We have many experts and professionals on staff that can help you with all your HVAC system needs. Once you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to reach out.

The sooner we can identify the problem, the better. Contact us here with any questions you have! 

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